Unidentified ruined inscriptions from the Church: «Bruce Jenner was still a man» and «Homosexuality is still a sin»

Unknown stole the letter with the controversial inscription which was located near a California Church, and says that the TV star and transgender woman Kathleen Jenner is still a man.

Kathleen Jenner was previously a man named William Jenner, who gained fame as an Olympic swimmer. He was thrice married, and each wife he had two children. Being married to his last wife Kris Jenner, he became a member of the reality show «keeping up with the Kardashians». In 2015 Jenner made ComingOut as a transgender woman and said that now he wants to use against him the pronoun «she». In 2017, she undertook a sex change operation. Thus Jenner considers himself a Christian, despite the negative attitude of the Church to the transgender and General LGBT representatives.

A controversial sign that mentioned the celebrity, appeared at Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church near lake Shastina in Weed (CA) shortly before the New year. Originally it was written the following thought:

«Bruce Jenner was still a man. Homosexuality is still a sin. Culture can change. But not the Bible.»

It’s not pretty, but it’s back up.

Posted by Justin Hoke on Thursday, January 10, 2019

31 Dec pastor Justin hawk has posted a picture on the page of Church in Facebook. Local activists regarded it as a provocation and a protest against «Shastina Love Rally» which was organized by LGBT supporters on 6 January.

3 days after the action hawk posted on the page a photo of the sign, which was missing some letters.

«I woke up this morning and found that our sign was damaged by vandals — wrote hawk. They not only broke the glass and stole some of the letters, they also broke the power supply».

I woke this morning to find that our sign had been vandalized. They not only broke the plexiglas and stole some of the…

Posted by Justin Hoke on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Amelia Mallory, the organizer of the rally, told the Daily News that although the protesters are «strongly opposed the message», which was mentioned in the sign, they «condemn the use of violence and damage of property.»

«As far as we know, no one participating in this peaceful rally, were not related,’ said Mallory. — If we know about the perpetrators, we will inform the local authorities».

Thursday, January 10, the pastor announced in Facebook that the inscription was restored again.

Kathleen Jenner recently spoke out against President trump, whom she voted for in 2016, because of his policy towards transsexuals. We are talking about banning the majority of transgender people to serve in the U.S. army, as well as the proposal to determine the sex at birth by the genitals and so it cannot be changed.

«He insulted our dignity. He turned TRANS people in the political pawns when he began to stir up hostility against us, trying to strengthen the most right segment of his party, claiming that its anti-transgender policy is intended to «protect the country»,» said Jenner.