The couple for $30 thousand arranged sham marriages between Americans and immigrants

60-year-old William Jacobson and his wife, 68-year-old Mar Medvedev, «helping» immigrants marry US citizens.

According to Federal prosecutors, mediators brought the foreigners with potential spouses, and then taught them how to cheat immigration agents during job interviews. It cost about $30 thousand. Part of the money, of course, were accomplices, agreed to become for immigrants a «springboard» in the US.

Federal agents arrested a couple on Tuesday, January 29. Jacobson, a US citizen by birth, lives in Brooklyn. Medvedev, a native of Ukraine, received U.S. citizenship in 2014, as the wife of Jacobson, he lives in Queens.

To follow the man the FBI began in November 2018 — a month after the informant met with spouses under the guise of a client, who wished to earn $5 thousand by marrying a immigrant.

«The hardest thing is to get married. The easy part is the interview, because I know the questions they will be asked, said William Jacobson informant at the next meeting. That’s the easy part. The hardest part is the marriage, because both sides are nervous, they have to go in there and kiss each other.»

For Martha Medvedeva has established a Deposit of $100 thousand. Bail for her husband, should appoint today, January 30.