City hall of Los Angeles wants to introduce a paid 18-week leave to care for a child

In Los Angeles, working parents can receive up to 18 weeks of leave to care for a child with payment to 100% of their regular wages. The proposal was presented at city hall on Tuesday, January 29.

As stated by members of the city Council Nuri Martinez and David Ryu, this plan will strengthen families and keep employees for many businesses: parents will not have to choose between paying the bills and raising a child.

Today, I introduced a motion with @CD6Nury to bring full Paid #ParentalLeave to the City of Los Angeles. Working families should not have to choose between parenting and paying the bills. It’s time to make parental leave a reality in Los Angeles. —>

— David E. Ryu (@davideryu) January 29, 2019

Under the new proposal, companies Los Angeles will have to provide their employees up to 18 weeks off during the birth, education or adoption of a child with a payout of up to 100% of their salary. While employers will be obliged to compensate for the difference between any state benefits that employees receive and their regular wages.

The city will limit the amount of payments to employees who had gone on vacation for child care, and establish maximum annual cost of living for parents and children in Los Angeles. (Assistant Ryu has estimated it at $65K.)

Employees will have the right to compensation during the period of child care if their company is located within city limits and meets certain requirements, in particular, make the necessary deductions on the insurance of employees in case of disability.

The authors of the project propose to implement it in stages over 3 years, and primarily within large companies. City Council members hope that the proposal put to a vote before the end of the year.

Yesterday the idea of Martinez and Ryu was supported by the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti.

Nearly every other country in the developed world guarantees paid family leave.

I applaud Councilmembers @DavideRyu and @CD6Nury for leading the way, and look forward to working with them to make paid parental leave a reality for the Seat.


— Mayor Eric Garcetti (@MayorOfLA) January 29, 2019

Paid leave for parents all pay more attention to politics in California and beyond. Previously to expand the program of paid leave for child care from 6 weeks to 6 months was proposed by the state Governor Gavin Newsom.