USCIS has added two forms that can be filled out online

Service for the Bureau of citizenship and immigration (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services — USCIS) has introduced a new feature: now applicants can fill out and submit form N-600 and N-600K online.

USCIS noted that the most difficult has always been considered «expensive, time-consuming and burdensome process» of filing a paper document, so they decided to simplify this stage for applicants.

«This addition to our online capabilities is another positive achievement towards a more efficient and user-friendly registration for all whom it touches,» says the statement of service.

The applicant may file form N-600 (Application for grant of certificate of citizenship) if:

  • he was born outside of the country, and one of the parents or both are citizens of the United States;
  • after birth, he automatically became a US citizen.

The parent or legal guardian can also file form N-600 on behalf of a minor child.

The applicant can complete and submit online the form N-600K (Application for citizenship and issuance of certificate), if he regularly resides in another country and wants to obtain US citizenship based on the citizenship of their parents. USCIS continues to take the form N-600 and N-600K on paper.

At the moment, want to have the opportunity to file online such forms as:

  • I-90 (Application for replacement or renewal of green card);
  • N-336 (Request for a further hearing on decision on naturalization);
  • N-400 (Application for naturalization);
  • N-565 (Application for replacement of naturalisation/citizenship/repatriation);

To file N-600 or N-600K, the applicant must first create an account on the USCIS website. Also available in a mobile version, so to fill in the form phone or tablet.