In Los Angeles have arrested a man in police uniform shouting racist slogans

Police in Los Angeles arrested a 36-year-old Daniel Sona, who, posing as LAPD officer shouted in protest, Black Lives Matter: «white Power!»

According to the statement, which was published by the office of the Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles, police found Sona the night on February 8 in the Parking lot in the 1200 block of North La Brea Avenue. He slept in his car. (Although in this quarter overnight Parking is prohibited.) The man was in a sweatshirt with the logo of the LAPD, and few police patches. In the morning, the police noticed that this is not a real form LAPD, and fakes that can be bought in any costume shop.

Later in Daniel Sonya recognized the man with the viral video appeared on the network in January. «White power!» — shouted the man at the BLM address the protesters. (In the record of the arrest of the suspect described as a male of Asian appearance aged about 30 years.)

Dream shouted racist insults during a demonstration of Black Lives Matter, which took place in January near a fitness club in Hollywood.

LAPD OFFICER REPEATEDLY YELLS “WHITE POWER” & THROWS UP WHITE POWER SIGN as he antagonizes the family of #AlbertRamonDorsey and #BlackLivesMatter protestors this morning at #Boycott24 demonstration outside a 24-Hour Fitness in Hollywood. @WP4BL @shaunking @Jasmyne @CBSNews

— #BlackLivesMatter-LA (@BLMLA) January 31, 2019

The BLM protest was held in connection with the incident in the shower of the club in October 2018: LAPD officers shot and killed an unarmed 30-year-old albert Ramona Dorsey, who, according to members of the staff, the first to enter the locker room, attacked a guard of a Parking lot. Judging by the records of police surveillance cameras arrived on the scene, the officers first tried to cope with Dorsey through elektroshoker, but then found it necessary to use firearms.

Video of protest Daniel Sleep laughing and waving his arms and protesting BLM whether he is a COP, yells «white Power!» Then the man also was wearing a black sweatshirt with the words «LAPD» and a few stripes.

The police of Los Angeles has officially stated on Twitter that the man in the video is not an employee of the LAPD.

We have identified the individual in question related to a video involving the use of racially insensitive remarks. As first suggested by some, this individual is not, and has never been, an LAPD officer or employee.

— LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) February 1, 2019

As Deputy Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles, Joanna Warren, Daniel Sleep, by his own admission, often impersonating a police officer to attract the attention of others and to be appreciated. The police suspect that the man did it for selfish purposes.

Law enforcement officers ask anyone with information about this case to contact detectives by phone 310-855-8850 or send an anonymous message to the number 800-222-8477 or through the form on the website