Illinois lawmakers want to make Chicago the 51st state

How many US States? Everyone knows 50. But soon things can change, and the stars on the flag of the country may have to add one more. The fact is that the legislators «Land of Lincoln» I want Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, ceased to be part of Illinois and became a separate state.

Resolution number HR0101 filed a house of representatives member, Republican brad Halbrook of Shelbyville (Shelby County), and the authors of the bill were legislators Chris Miller from Robinson (Crawford County) and Darren Bailey from Louisville (clay County).

The legislators said that the state of Illinois is often regarded by many political and economic issues as two separate regions: the city of Chicago and state of Illinois. Filed bill States that the majority of residents in Illinois do not agree with Chicago on many key issues, including gun ownership, abortion, immigration, etc. Therefore, the legislators «urge the U.S. Congress to declare the city of Chicago 51st state of the United States of America and separate it from the rest of Illinois.»

Bill not yet submitted to the Committee. It is the decision of the chamber, so it does not require the approval of the Senate or the Governor. To follow the progress of the bill here.

This is not the first case in 200 years of history of the state, when action was taken for the separation of Illinois from the city of Chicago. In 1925, the city of Chicago adopted a resolution on education of Chicago, and the residents living in the West of Illinois, announced your region «Republic of Forgottonia». Also in 1981 the state Senator Howard Carroll tried to make a separate state of cook County.