He worked in construction for 35 years, but quit my job to become a COP, like daughter

Forty of the graduates took the oath and become officers in the Greensboro (NC) yesterday, February 28.

One of the graduates for admission to the Academy was inspired by his daughter.

53-year-old buddy John Proffitt threw a 35-year career in construction, to create a family — COP tandem with his daughter.

«I dreamed of a job in the police when I was a teenager, but life had been different, says buddy, Proffitt. — I got married, I had children now they are grown, and I venture to go that way.»

When Jensen, the daughter of men, about two years ago, joined the ranks of the police of Greensboro, was inspired by his love for the job: «It stirred memories of past dreams. I think it’s a calling, and that’s what I wanted to do.»

At the time of the oath daughter of the father attached to it form the icon, and now daughter made for father the same.

He worked in construction for 35 years, but quit my job to become a COP, like daughterSource: Facebook/WGN»It’s hard to put into words. When you enter the Academy, it becomes for you family. But if someone else from your family is with you…» said Proffitt.

53-year-old man, according to him, is feeling great and «at ease», despite the fact that most sworn officers is much younger than him.

«For me the door was open,» says buddy, Proffitt.

The desire of the family, Proffitt to serve and protect is not limited to father and daughter. Son buddy now wants to join law enforcement, he already went to the police Academy and today, March 1, began training.