An opponent of abortion he sees «nothing wrong» in pregnancy girl raped by teacher

During the discussion of the proposed amendments to the law on abortion in the state of Tennessee , one of the legislators said that he sees «nothing wrong» in the hypothetical scenario where 15-year-old girl became pregnant after rape her coach or teacher.

This week the health Committee of the house of representatives of Tennessee has asked a legislator James van Huss on proposed amendment to state law on abortion.

Thus, the representative of the democratic party and father of two daughters Vincent Dixie said that she couldn’t support the bill because he believes that his daughter should have a choice. He added that, in his opinion, the choice of the birth (or not birth) of the child must take the woman, her family and doctor, not politicians.

The author of the amendments he proposed the hypothetical situation of a 15-year-old girl that was raped by the coach or teacher.

When the girl realized that she is pregnant, for example, it’s been 6 or 7 weeks since the rape, and the fetus has a heartbeat. Under the amendment, the detection of fetal heart deprive a woman or girl’s right to abortion.

«You asked if I see evil in this scenario? Not see because they do not believe that it is right to wrest an innocent child from its mother, ‘ replied van Huss. I know it’s not for me to determine the value of someone else’s life.»

In accordance with the applicable laws of the state of Tennessee, an abortion can be performed during the first three months of pregnancy or after the first three months, but before viability of the fetus. Abortion may also be done after the fetus becomes viable, if it is necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother.

Amendment offered by van Huss prohibits abortion after detection of fetal heartbeat, but to its viability.

Under the amendment, otherwise the execution of abortion would be a criminal offense of class C.