It seems that the NSA has abandoned the system of tracking the calls of Americans

The national security Agency quietly closed system for tracking telephone calls and correspondence in the USA. A system is implemented after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and it caused a serious debate about privacy. At the time, Snowden accused the US intelligence services in an attempt to establish total control over the Americans, including due to this system.

As reported today by the NY Times, citing a high-ranking officer of the Congress, the administration trump has not yet sent the Chamber a letter asking to renew the legal authority needed to operate this system. The period of validity expires in the end of the year, there is reason to believe that the letters will be.

According to the source, the NSA for many months does not use this system because it has not demonstrated effectiveness in combating terrorists. In addition, the system is hindered by Act of Congress from 2015, specifically enacted to protect private correspondence. As a result, in the information base of the NSA were recording millions of messages and calls that they had no right to analyze, so everything had to be removed.

The act of Freedom from 2015 and ends in December of this year, so Congress could begin debate on the new law and the system. However, according to the source NYT, the debate will be, since the NSA is not inclined to support the tracking system.

Daniel Schuman, policy Director of the group Demand Progress, dedicated to civil liberties and government accountability, commented on the news with enthusiasm, «Because «the sky didn’t fall» without the program, the intelligence community must justify the need for its revival — if the national security Agency believes that it is worth it to keep trying to get it to work».

However, officials in his comments more careful. So, Christopher Augustine, the official representative of the NSA, told the NY Times that the Agency «carefully assess all aspects» of the program and discuss its future. The White house has not yet made a final decision about whether to ask Congress to renew it.