Cousin brother and sister loving each other, created a petition calling to allow them to marry

Angela Peang and Michael Lee — cousin and sister — created online petition calling on Utah to allow them to marry legally.

«Me and my cousin love each other their whole lives, but we’re not allowed to marry in Utah, where we live, writes Angela Peang. — We believe that the law is outdated and needs to change, so we can legalize our love».

The couple’s goal is to obtain 1,000 signatures; as of 10:20 on 7 March, a petition supported by more than 300 people.

Angela told CBS News that in love with Michael since the second grade. Her father is the oldest of 12 children, mother’s brother Michael.

«We just always played a lot, — says Angela about his childhood relationship with a lover. We went to wardrobe, where they kissed and danced together. It seemed so natural».

Once a child Michael told his mother Angela, that is my aunt that wants to marry cousin. And she told Michael that they would not be able to do, but can remain friends. Things got worse when they were caught brother and sister secretly kissed.

And although the pair are forbidden to marry in Utah, March 4 cousins all got married in Colorado, where their relationship is legitimate.

«I’m officially a married man with a bright future, write in Facebook. — I’m stoked that I finally married my Angie».

I am officially a married man with a bright future! I am completely ecstatic about finally being married to my Angie!

Posted by Michael J. Lee on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

This is not the first marriage for both Angela and Michael. However, after divorce with your ex when they met 10 years later on Christmas day at his grandmother’s house, unable to resist the attraction.

«We were filled with love and missed each other for many years,’ said Angela. We decided that we just opened with our love. It was really scary to think about how to react to our family because they are conservative Mormons…»

First, parents really believed that the love of the cousins could «threaten the family». And the two older daughters Angela said it was «wrong» and «weird.»

Posted by Angie Wakamatsu Peang on Thursday, January 24, 2019

«We hope to disseminate information about our situation and hope that through such awareness we can change people’s views, Lee said. It’s really not something they should be afraid of or what must be confronted».