American has filed a lawsuit against the clinic that deals with abortion on behalf of your unborn child

The man from Alabama is suing both women’s reproductive health center on behalf of the unborn fetus, which he claims was his child.

Ryan Magers claims that his ex-girlfriend had an abortion at the Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives against his will. According to court documents, despite his plea to keep the baby and attempts to legally prevent the abortion, 12 Feb 2017 girl took a pill to stop the pregnancy.

And here’s a strange thing to have a new stage of development! This week the judge in probate, wills and guardianship Frank Berger granted the petition of the lawyer of Megersa, according to which now it can also represent the unborn fetus, which documents designated as «Baby Roe» (from the English. roe — caviar). Now, Magers is seeking a trial by jury.

WHNT News 19 reports that it is unknown whether he understood the judge that for the first time in the US, it actually recognized the legal rights of an unborn embryo, and even realized that it provided. It is important that in the court documents it was said that at the time of abortion the fetus was six weeks.

All this became possible after in November last year, Alabama adopted an amendment that actually gives unborn children the same rights as the born. This was a victory of supporters of the growing movement for «identity», whose members demand to grant constitutional rights from the moment of fertilization of the egg by the sperm.

The claim of Makers criticized activists who support abortion. On Tuesday (March 5) President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Ilis Hogue called the motion «very scary thing».

Breaking: Alabama allows a suit from man AND fetus against abortion clinic where his girlfriend terminated her pregnancy. First under Alabama»s new personhood law, asserting woman’s rights third in line. Very scary case.

— ilyse hogue (@ilyseh) March 5, 2019