Your dog barks for 20 minutes? In this new Jersey town for such you can expect a prison

You came home, trying to relax, and then it starts. Dog is your neighbor’s barking. Over and over again.

In most cities there are regulations allowing you to complain about the noisy dogs, but the town Saddles river in the North new Jersey adopted the new rule. Now for the long and loud barking of dogs their owners can be fined $1000 or even to serve 90 days in jail.

In the amended resolution of the city Council they say: you can’t allow your dog to bark, howl or whine for more than 20 minutes from 7:00 to 22:00 or more than 15 minutes between 22:00 and before 7 am.

«We are not alone in adopting such a law. About 200 municipalities in new Jersey have similar laws on dog barking, but maybe not as severe, — said the representative of city authorities Jerry Giaimo. For each incident decision will be taken by the judge, but I can assure you no one is going to put people in prison for dog barking. But Yes, it is spelled out in the new regulation».

According to Jaimica for two years in Saddles river, he personally had not received any complaints of barking dogs.

«We have no epidemic of barking. But there was one incident, after which city Council has decided to tighten its regulation», — said Giaimo, without specifying, however, that it was for the incident.

He added that from time to time such complaints to the local police.

It is possible that, despite the harshness of the new law, complaints will be few, as most of the houses in this town is the County seat of Bergen situated on a plot area of not less than two acres.