Former counsel to trump Michael Cohen sued Trump Organization because of the vast unpaid accounts

Michael Cohen, a former attorney and assistant to the President, filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization, arguing that the family trump’s company has not paid him millions of dollars.

According to the lawsuit the breach of contract action, filed March 7 in Manhattan Supreme court, Cohen accused the company of a giant in violation of promises made in July 2017 for the payment of its accounts at the time when he was still working for trump.

«Trump Organization agreed to pay attorney fees and to reimburse Mr. Cohen’s expenses in connection with various issues arising in the process of working with Mr. Cohen on the organization and on its behalf, — stated in the civil complaint. — These issues included numerous congressional hearings, an investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller the third, etc.».

The lawyer States that the company still has not paid him $3.8 million: $1.9 million to cover attorney fees and other related costs, and another $1.9 million in fines, which the company promised to cover.

«As a result of unjustified refusal Trump Organization to meet its obligations for damages in accordance with the reimbursement agreement, Mr. Cohen has lost millions of dollars in unrecovered fees and expenses of lawyers,» reads the lawsuit Cohen.

In October 2017, the company has agreed to indemnify Cohen legal costs and expenses during the investigation of Russian interference in the elections, which was led by müller. At that time, the trump and Cohen supported each other.

Trump Organization initially covered all costs Cohen. However, once it became known that the lawyer plans to cooperate with the investigation of Muller and Federal prosecutors in new York, the company ceased to do so «without prior notice or justification.»

Last week, Cohen spoke before Congress and called the President «racist», a «crook» and «liar» and suggested that the whole family trump was «compromised» by Russia for several months before the election.

At the end of November 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to making false statements before Parliament, and before that — in violation of the law on campaign Finance and illegal payments under the personal direction of one of the participants of the presidential race.