The mother claims that her child is transgender girl, and the father does not agree. Who is right?

Father Geoffrey the Younger, says that one of his twins – a boy and his ex-wife, Ann Georgelas, trying to «turn him into a girl.» In turn, the mother, is convinced that the child considers himself a girl in 3 years, and accuses his father of intimidation of the child.

It is very difficult to understand who is right or wrong in this matter, not even being familiar with all the family members. But USA.One tried to parse every detail of this complex case and take a look at the full picture.

What they say the father and mother

So, the mother of 6-year-old Ann Georgelas, a practicing pediatrician, calls her baby Luna. According to her petition filed in the court of the Dallas (TX), her child, like all her classmates, considers himself a girl.

The child’s father Geoffrey the Younger, however, argues that the child, whose gender at birth was identified as a male, constantly picks clothes for boys and «vehemently refuses to wear clothes for girls in his house.»

Again, Georgoulas with this fundamentally disagree. According to mother, her ex-husband aggressively responds to the choice of the moon or constrain themselves in the use of physical force against Georgulas. The woman told the court that the Younger one forced tonsure of the child to become more like a boy.

The mother claims that her child is transgender girl, and the father does not agree. Who is right?Ann Georgelas practicing pediatrician. Source:

Meanwhile, the father assures us that he does not see signs of gender dysphoria his son – that have put such a diagnosis to a child therapist for gender transition, the selected Georgulas. According to the notes of the therapist, James identified himself as a girl when he was on one sessions with the mother and, when he came with his father, called himself a boy.

Georgoulas itself has not commented on the situation in the media and responding to queries in social networks (USA.One tried to contact her). Only in early December, 2018, on her working visit Dr. Anne released a statement in which the mother was asked not to bother her and the moon.

«My child deserves respect and privacy, and it cannot be used for personal or financial gain. Messages in the news and other information about my child posted on the Internet are inaccurate, said in a statement Georgulas. But I’m not going to answer a lot of lies, omissions and distortions in respect of my child, because the right place to address this issue – this court, and I am fully ready for it. I urge you to allow my family room.»

Statement from Dr. Anne…»My child deserves respect and privacy, not to be exploited for personal or financial gain….

Posted by Dr. Anne on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

But Jeffrey Younger, opposite — trying, as much as possible to be active on public forums and launched a campaign called Save James. For example, he participated in the podcast Luke Macias show, where he spoke like this to see his son become a victim of «sexual abuse».

«I want you to submit with your son on FaceTime. Imagine that your ex-wife dressed him like a tranny to talk to you. He’s got false eyelashes and makeup. His hair shiny. He is dressed in a dress — said the Younger. — Now imagine how would you feel, seeing what I consider the real sexual violence. I believe that this is not just emotional abuse, and the most fundamental form of sexual violence that undermine the sexual identity of a vulnerable boy.»

The father also claims to have collected evidence from parents, friends, son and pastor of the Church, who say that he was always dressed like a boy when they saw him. Side of the family Younger even created the website Save James, where they are encouraged to support James and help him in the fight for gender identity. It also says that the Younger needs money for court costs and the costs of child care, including future consultations, so they created 2 pages for the fundraiser on a Christian platform, GOFUNDME. In total, father has raised more than $50 thousand in Addition, the website offers to buy t-shirts Save James, the profit from which, if you believe the platform will also go to the court and other expenses.

That’s one of the videos on the Youtube channel Save James, where the child cut along with the other boys.

History of the spouses

Ann Georgoulas and Jeffrey Younger, married 5 Dec 2010. At that time the woman had adopted 2 girls. In marriage, in 2012, the couple gave birth to twin boys.

The mother claims that her child is transgender girl, and the father does not agree. Who is right?Twin girls adopted by Anna Georgulas. Source:

In February 2015, Georgoulas asked her husband to leave the house. In may, she filed for divorce, calling the marriage unbearable. 10 Oct 2016 woman sued another statement, which referred to fraud and theft. According to Georgoulas, only after the departure of her husband from home, she learned that in fact the Younger was not who he claimed to be, and lied to her about many moments of his career. It turned out that the man was married twice before he met Georgoulas, and earned even about the money mentioned. In addition, the Younger was lying, that he has a College degree and that he is a Professor.

According to Georgoulas, still married she bought for $45 thousand truck, but the right of ownership has been issued on the spouse. After they parted, the Younger, sold the car without the knowledge of his wife. According to the conclusion of the Memorandum of judge Douglas S. lang, the court found the marriage invalid and ruled that the Younger must pay Georgulas the loss of value of the car, that is $45045.

According to this document the father of the child is difficult to call the person to whom you 100% trust. In this case, there is no certainty that his statements about his son is true.

What the experts think

USA.One asked the Professor may Friedman Ryerson University (Canada), which specializiruetsya on the education of children with gender mainstreaming, which can be a way out of this situation.

The mother claims that her child is transgender girl, and the father does not agree. Who is right?Associate Professor May Friedman. Source: Ryerson University

According to Friedman, neither the parents nor the society in principle, should not be treated as the problem to the fact that the gender identity of the child changes depending on some circumstances.

«The only real problem is our intolerance, – said the expert – if child support people present in his life, it just becomes another changing human identity.»

Friedman said that the child will not be subjected to hormonal sterilization when he will be 8 years old but only held a course of hormone blocking. It «will stop natural puberty that the child could gain time» to define their gender identity and appearance. However, according to Friedman, «from the documents we can conclude that the child is aware of himself as a girl, and her mother, it seems, went through the necessary steps to support the transition of your child.»

«In my opinion, it would be reasonable that the father accepted his daughter. If he can’t [go for it], it is a form of abuse, and its access [to the child] should be limited,» emphasizes Friedman.

The mother claims that her child is transgender girl, and the father does not agree. Who is right?Former transgender Walt Heyer

But the author of the article about James in the conservative online magazine The Federalist and the book «Trans Life Survivors» Walt Heyer is convinced that a wrong diagnosis could ruin the boy’s life, as it was in his case when his grandmother dressed him in women’s clothes, convinced that he is a girl. As an adult man Heyer replaced the floor and walked the entire course of hormone replacement therapy, thinking that he had gender dysphoria. He soon realized that actually feels like a man, and his decision was the result of psychological trauma from childhood. 8 years after the operation he again changed his sex and become a man again.

«Diagnosis is critical because labeling «gender dysphoria» on the child can cause a number of physical and mental consequences for him,» says Heyer.

Who is right or wrong in this situation — no single answer. But we can say for sure that the best thing parents can do, relatives and all the surrounding people is to leave alone this sensitive issue and to allow the child to decide for itself. And no matter how much time he will need to spend. We hope that James-the Moon will make a choice. USA.One will continue to follow the fate of the child.