737 sentenced in California get a reprieve: the Governor imposes moratorium on death penalty

737 inmates in Californiasentenced to death, reprieved from Governor Gavin Newsom, who plans today, March 13, to sign the decree about introduction of the moratorium on the death penalty.

«The deliberate killing of another human being is wrong, and as Governor, I don’t want to watch the execution of people,» said Newsome.

Governor Democrat added that often innocent people were sentenced to death. In addition, according to him, some of the accused could not afford expensive legal representation, so that was quickly sentenced to death.

President Donald trump tweeted that the people of California do not support the decision Newsom.
«Friends and families of the victims are not happy, as I am!» — wrote trump.

In California no executions since 2006, when the Governor was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Since the last execution in California, the population of death row has grown substantially, and now they contain every fourth person sentenced in the United States. Among them, for example, Scott Peterson, murdered his wife, and Richard Davis, who abducted 12-year-old girl and strangled her.

«Newsom ignores voters of California and operates personal views, inserting this hasty and ill-considered moratorium on the death penalty,» said Michelle Hanisi, President of the Association of Deputy district attorneys of the County of Los Angeles.

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, who is seeking the nomination for President from the Democrats, by contrast, welcomed the decision by Newsom.
«As a professional law enforcement officer I spoke against the death penalty because it is immoral and discriminatory,» said Harris.

The Governor’s decision, said prosecutors will appeal in court.

Other governors have also introduced a moratorium on executions. This happened in Illinois in 2000. For Illinois, followed by Pennsylvania, Washington and Oregon.