The Pentagon closes the army of transgender people. A ban on their employment

The Pentagon has issued a Directive that would tighten restrictions on the service of transgender people in the army. Transgender people will no longer accept military service. The ban takes effect in 30 days. Persons with gender dysphoria already taken earlier in the service, must behave in accordance with the biological sex assigned them at birth, or to leave military service.

The Pentagon closes the army of transgender people. A ban on their employment

The decision of the Minister of defense Patrick Shanahan continues the policy of former Minister James Mattis and General line of Donald trump on the prohibition of military service for persons who had a sex change. Previously, the implementation of this policy was constrained by the decisions of the courts. However, the Supreme court last week overturned a court ruling that prevents the restrictions on the rights of transgender people to serve in the army.

According to the Memorandum signed by the Deputy Minister of defense David Norquist, on April 12, people diagnosed with gender dysphoria will not be able to accept the service, except when the doctor confirms that they are already more than three years consistently are aware of themselves as the sex in which they were born, and ready to serve in this capacity. If the soldier makes a diagnosis already in the army, it needs to continue service in accordance with the sex, which was adopted for service.

In a difficult situation and got 14 700 transgender people, which was accepted into service in 2016 — at a time when transgender people were allowed to serve. They will be fired if they are «unable or unwilling to comply with all the requirements of the service, including standards associated with their biological sex.»

Adam Smith, a Democrat, Chairman of the congressional Committee on armed services, expressed in ABC, his critical view of the decision of the Pentagon: «It would be wise if the acting defense Minister Shanahan has postponed the implementation of policy Mattis as long as the courts will make the final decision. Any other actions not only undermine readiness, but are also an insult to transgender people who have served and continue to serve with distinction. Anyone who possesses the skills and desire should have the opportunity to openly serve their country. Make no mistake, this discriminatory ban on transgender, not a ban on a medical condition, and we will continue to fight against this bigoted policy.»

Jennifer Levi, Director of the project on the rights of transgender people, called the Pentagon’s decision a blatant disregard for the judicial process, saying The Hill: «apart from the illegality, moving forward with this ban is also deeply immoral and deeply offensive to many transgender military who bravely serve their country.»

«The revival of the President and his fanatical, disgusting ban on transgender soldiers is a stunning attack on the patriots that protect us, and the fundamental ideals of our nation,» reports News Week the speaker of the Congress of the democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.