The scheme revenues to the colleges for bribes created by the singer down by the monastery to 50 people

Prosecutor Andrew Selling, commenting on the matter today about the fraud proceeds to the College, said that the scheme of William Rick singer is the largest of its kind ever pursued in court, and amazingly simple and brazen.

The scheme revenues to the colleges for bribes created by the singer down by the monastery to 50 peopleMadd Matt/SS/.flickr

«In fact, there were two kinds of fraud, which was organized by singer. One had to cheat the SAT or ACT and the other to use his connections with the coaches of Division I and taking bribes to send their children to school with a fake athletic,» said Selling at a press conference in Boston.

Just in case the singer filed charges against 50 people. Including two administrators SAT / ACT, one teacher, nine coaches in elite schools, one College administrator, and 33 parents.

Yesterday, the singer pleaded guilty to four Federal charges. Students who earn higher scores on standard tests such as ACT and SAT, are more likely to go on to the best colleges. The singer has offered customers high scores in these tests. It is unknown how many people were tested with it, the scheme «came to light» on the stamp Riddell.

Igor Dvorsky, who conducted tests SAT and ACT in Los Angeles, and Lisa Williams, who conducted them in a public high school in Houston, are accused of accepting bribes to allow Riddell to be tested. Parents who hired a singer to this scheme, allegedly paid from $15 thousand to $75 thousand for the test, said in the indictment.

Cooperating with the investigators the witness said that he had traveled from Tampa to West Hollywood test center to conduct the exam daughter felicity Huffman. The statement said that it has received 1420 points, 400 points higher than the PSAT, adopted a year earlier without this administrator. The investigation claims that there is a record of the conversation Huffman with the singer, where they discuss the deal and the price of $15 thousand

The decision on admission of certain students has a great influence opinion sports coaches. If they claim that the student can reinforce a College team and show good results when they get enrollment priority. The singer confessed that he colluded with coaches from different colleges, they made such requests for paid candidates.

Bribes received from clients, disguised as charitable contributions to the Key Worldwide Foundation, or KWF, a non-profit organization established by singer.

«The Foundation singer was allegedly charitable organization, but in fact he was a fake and was used to launder money that he was paid by the parents,» says Selling.

Among those under investigation are givers singer turned out to be a lot of famous people, especially from show-business, thus striving to build a future for their children. This actress felicity Huffman from «Desperate Housewives», winner of the award «Emmy», Lori Locklin from «Full house» and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo, Giannulli.