Goat, was elected mayor in Vermont, relieve themselves in the hall immediately after the oath

The small town of fair haven, in the state of Vermont recently elected as its mayor a 3-year-old goat named Lincoln. On Tuesday, March 12, was held the solemn oath of the newly elected head.

The first problem arose when the mayor didn’t want to leave the yard, which were grazing. City head barely managed to put in a cage located in the back of a pickup truck.

According to witnesses, while Lincoln drove to city hall, he loudly bleated, that is welcomed by their constituents.

Sworn in newly elected mayor has led the city Treasurer Susan Deschamps. Attended the ceremony and other officials fair haven, including the chief of the local police Department bill Humphries.

At city hall even thought of as goat to put the signature under oath. His hoof was placed in ink, and then Lincoln stomped on the paper, «putting a signature».

Goat, was elected mayor in Vermont, relieve themselves in the hall immediately after the oathSource: Screenshot/Burlington Free Press

However, immediately after the ceremony came the embarrassment — the mayor of Lincoln did not wait for outside and relieve themselves directly in the room.

In fact, all this action started in the town not just. City Manager Joe Gontero came up with the idea to raise money for a Playground for students.

For a modest fee of $5 children of the town may nominate candidates for mayors of their animals. Goat Lincoln won with a significant margin.

In the end, the election helped to raise the necessary funds to the Playground.

The owner of Lincoln, teacher Chris Stanton, said that they plan to hold mayoral elections every year: how to raise funds for various needs of the city and to teach children to participate in public life.

Although, I would add, it could also be a lesson about recycling.