Sexting scandal: about 50 students were distributing Nude photos of their classmates

Dozens of students from the high school in Georgia will be subject to disciplinary action for allegedly distributing Nude photos of their classmates.

The head of school Union County John hill said that approximately 50 out of 850 students Union County High School in Blairsville have been convicted of sexting — sending personal messages and photos intimate content. According to WSB-TV 2, this is almost 6% of all students.

Most of the students did not understand that it is illegal that they could be accused of distributing child pornography.

«This is a huge problem for the entire school system and society,» said hill.

On what has become known a few weeks ago, when one of the parents reported the problem to the Director. The police Department Union County is investigating the situation.

The school district could show students charged with a criminal offence, but decided not to. Instead, according to hill, the punishment will be different. It will vary from short term suspension to transfer to another school, depending on the seriousness of the actions of each student in accordance with the code of conduct.

Now the schools are trying to spread as much information as possible from parents and students about the dangers of sexting.

«We believe that it is important to teach children and parents talking about the seriousness of the crime,» said hill.

Wednesday, March 13, the Bureau of investigation of the state of Georgia and the district attorney spoke to the students of senior and secondary schools of Union County, talking about the sexting. According to representatives of law enforcement bodies, Nude pictures could fall into the hands of pedophiles.