In the United States prevented smuggling 453,5 kg Chinese pork. It is the largest of simasima CBP parties

Customs and border protection, U.S. (CBP) stopped smuggling attempt 453,5 kg of pork from China. About the largest seizure of agricultural products in the history of America has announced at a press conference on Friday, March 15, in Elizabeth (new Jersey). The contraband was identified in the marine terminal port Newark-Elizabeth, which is one of the largest and busiest in the country.

The RAID, which included inspections of more than 50 shipping containers, was conducted by CBP, US Coast guard, homeland security, the Office of the drug enforcement Department of the NYPD and the police of the state of new York in order to stop the spread of pork products that may be infected with African swine fever.

According to Deputy chief specialist on agriculture Vasily Leakakos, was planning to smuggle pork, Packed under the guise of other products, from noodles to Tide detergent.

«Everything was well organized,» said the acting Director of customs and border patrol at the port of new York/Newark Stephen Maloney.

According to African swine fever is a lethal animal disease that has not previously been found in livestock in the United States. But if there was an outbreak in the country, it could cause damage to the industry by $10 billion over one year.

«Agricultural experts have carried out the interception of these prohibited products of animal origin and did not allow them to penetrate into US before they could potentially cause serious damage,» said Director of Field operations for customs and border control in new York city, Newark, Troy Miller.

Authorities, including representatives of the Ministry of agriculture of the United States, are still investigating the smuggling attempt, as of Friday, no criminal charges have been filed.