Cuomo’s calls to ban the entrance to the subway people who are seen for regular Masturbation in public

Governor Andrew Cuomo has accused the MTA that the company had not done more to save metro from chronic sex offenders.

Cuomo said he will support the new law prohibiting masturbators after the efforts of the NYPD were in vain.

«There are people who pursue their victims in the subway, — said the Governor. — I believe that the omission of the MTA. It seems to me that you need legislative change. Some jurisdictions have tried to do it in the administrative order… It really didn’t work.»

In California there is already a similar law that prohibits the use of public transport for those who have already been caught by this.

«Two convictions for sexual assault in the subway, you should be banned, said Cuomo. The Governor said he is open to discussion of the duration of such a ban. Cuomo plans to discuss the matter with members of the legislature, said his spokesman Patrick Muncie.

MTA do not believe that you have the authority to ban such people from entering the subway, but recognize that it’s disturbing and long-standing problem.

«We support a bill that would have banned the serial sexual crimes in the subway, and we look forward to working with the Governor and the legislature to make it a reality,» said MTA President Pat Foy.