American made child support from her ex-husband on his 50-year-old daughter

A woman from San Diego (CA) received child support from her ex-husband after almost 50 years after he left her with a small daughter. Then the girl was 3 years old.

According to Tony Anderson, in the early 1970-ies of her ex-husband went to Canada and did not pay child support.

«I kept putting it off – there was little time, we had to earn the money and then simply forgotten,» said Anderson, who worked for many years as an interior designer in Los Angeles at the firm, which now manages her daughter.

«I do not deny that we had the means. Daughter was able to go to College in Paris, we traveled. But the money is running out,» said an elderly woman.

According to her, she rents her of the house. And now that she is retired, not enough money.

«And then it dawned on me. Middle of the night, came up with the idea: «But there is no limitation on child support!».

Anderson was looking through some old court documents last month notified her ex-husband, who now lives in Oregon: she wanted to pay. But the amount that she wanted now, was much higher than that husband had to pay almost half a century ago.

«He was supposed to give me only $160 per month. Well, that was 50 years ago. Today it is much more money — said the woman. I think he’s a little panicked. And I’m glad, because I was in a panic all these years. Now it’s his turn».

The lawyer said, Tony Sarah Yunus, last week court of the district of Vista in San Diego has awarded a woman $150 thousand alimony.

Tony Anderson said: she wants to tell other single parents in California, they can still get their money.