In Chicago suddenly dropped the charges against the star Empire Dzhussi Smolett

Chicago prosecutors on Tuesday withdrew criminal charges against the star Empire Dzhussi by Smollett. «Do I think justice was served? No…. They decided to hide behind secrecy, a deal,» said Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson.

In Chicago suddenly dropped the charges against the star Empire Dzhussi SmolettIn Chicago suddenly dropped the charges against the star Empire Dzhussi Smolettshutterstock

Dzhussi Smollett was accused of a false statement about the allegedly perfect for him January 29, the attack on racial and homophobic violence. In his statement about the attack in February, police arrested Ola and Abel, Sundiro, but was later released without charge. Osundare told the police that Smollett wrote them a check for $ 3500 for the simulated attack. After that, things turned against Smollett.

In a recent court hearings or the media, there was no suggestion that the case Smollett will be terminated. The actor pleaded not guilty on March 14, the next court hearing was scheduled for April 17. Today the court was about to suddenly and prosecutors announced the charges.

Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel said that the alleged deception by Smollett means that future real victims of crimes of hate will be under suspicion when they report being harassed on the basis of race, sexual orientation or religion. «It sends a clear message that the responsibility does not, and this is wrong,» said the mayor.

He Smolett still rejects the accusations: «I would not have been the son of my mother, if it were capable of at least one drop of what I was accused».

Interestingly, among the Smollett of the advocates was a prominent lawyer of celebrities mark Geragos. On Monday, Geragos himself was named by the WSJ as the partner of lawyer Michael Avenatti in an alleged extortion of $ 20 million from Nike , under the threat of disclosure of negative information about this company.

It is not clear whether the decision in Chicago on a separate FBI investigation into the letter, which contained threats of a Smollett, and which came to the Studio where they filmed the TV series «Empire» starring Smollett. The letter was later handed over to the FBI, and now, in Chicago the police believe that the letter sent himself, Smollett.