Lawyer aferistki from Russia Anna Sorokina, who was posing as a socialite, said that she was planning to repay debts

Wednesday, March 27, in Supreme court in Manhattan was presented at session opening statements in the case of the Russian immigrant 28-year-old Anna Sorokina, who, pretending to be heiress from Germany, allegedly pulled off various scams totaling $275 thousand

«In her world were doing the circle. Every human life was ideal in social networks. The people were fake. The people were hypocritical. And money was only on deception,» said Sorokina lawyer, Todd Spodek.

According to counsel, his client «believed that she had the funds to pay each person». He even tried to justify the actions Sorokina, alluding to the fact that she just realized your Board desires: «Their ingenuity, she created the life I wanted for myself. Outside the box, perhaps unethical, but this is the life she chose». Spodek used the words of Frank Sinatra from the song «new York, new York» to excuse the girl:

«I’m starting over

in old new York.

If I can do it here

then I can use it everywhere.»

Spodek also compared her with the legendary performer, saying that Sorokina, like Sinatra, had to fight their way to a better life. Prosecutors, however, painted a different picture of the alleged actions Sorokin:

«In short, she was stealing. She was stealing from banks, stealing from hotels, she was stealing from friends, she tried stealing from the hedge Fund.»

Being «fake» German heiress Anna Delva, Sorokin was convinced wealthy new York socialite that she was one of them to get a loan in the amount of $22 million for the opening of the Fund for the arts on Park Avenue South with an area of 45 thousand sq. ft. According to prosecutors, all this time she dined in the best restaurants of the city, staying in luxurious hotels and nasila designer clothes from famous fashion designers such as Azzedine alaïa and Balenciaga. The speculator also falsified Bank statements, to show that on account of its tens of millions.

Fake heiress Anna Sorokin taps a celebrity stylist for her trial

— New York Post (@nypost) March 28, 2019

Sorokina charged with multiple counts of Grand larceny, attempted Grand larceny and theft of services. The girl who turned down a plea, faces up to 15 years in prison in the case of recognition of her guilt. Immigration and customs enforcement, the United States announced that they deport Sorokin as soon as it is released, due to an expired visa.