The Jewish sect «the lion, Thor» planned again to kidnap the children, threatening their mother to fight to the death

Even while in prison, members of the Jewish sect «the lion, tahor» re-planned the abduction of two children whose mother three times, saving them and yourself from the ultra-Orthodox group.

According to the new indictment, obtained by The Post, the head of the cult «Lev tahor» (in Hebrew «Pure heart»), whose name is not mentioned, threatened Sarah Helbrans — daughter of sect founder Shlomo Helbrans and mother of 14-year-old Jante teller and 12-year-old Chaim teller, who was kidnapped in December. The man claimed that «will fight with the mother until the last drop of blood,» and also that»they will fight her to the death.»

«I’ll take them from you, — warned the leader of the «lion of Tahora» Helbrans during a conversation that she secretly recorded for the FBI. And I’ll return to their father with the help of God».

FBI charges man in international ‘Jewish Taliban’ kidnapping scheme: The FBI arrested Aron Rosner on charges of providing financial assistance to the religious group Lev Tahor ■ Two children were kidnapped on 8 December from their home in New York… Haaretz

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Helbrans, who grew up in a cult, escaped from his wife — also a member of the sect — with their children in November 2018, after learning that her daughter should marry the older man Jacob Rosner. On the girl most hunt members of the «Leva of Tahara» because she is considered his wife.

The mother saved her children for the second time after they were kidnapped by cult members 8 December 2018 from home in Woodridge (NY). With the help of hints, Helbrans Dec 27, law enforcement bodies managed to return Jante and Chaim in new York.

45-year-old Brooklyn resident Aron Rosner, a 42-year-old Mayer Rosner the 20-year-old Jacob Rosner, 36-year-old Nachman Helbrans (brother of Sarah Helbrans) and Moshe Malka Matisyahu from Guatemala was charged with child abduction. The maximum penalty for this crime can be a life sentence in prison. In January 2019, the Aron Rosner, who allegedly financed the sect, was liberated on bail in the amount of $ 10 million.

Four members of the extremist ultra-Orthodox Jewish cult Lev Tahor, based in Guatemala, have been arrested in New York on charges of kidnapping two children, federal prosecutors said Friday.Aron Rosner, 45, who lives in Brooklyn, was arrested on December 23, a statement issued by

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The arrested men are leaders of the cult of «Lev tahor» which authorities called «the extremist Jewish sect based in Guatemala.» According to the FBI, members of the sect subjected the children to physical, sexual and emotional violence.

This month, the mother discovered that the cult was still in contact with Jante — using mobile phones that are smuggled delivered to the child during numerous personal visits.