A Manhattan judge declared unconstitutional the law on gravity knives

Federal court judge Paul crotti Manhattan on Thursday issued a decision ruling unconstitutional a state law about gravity knives because of its complex applications. «People should be able to determine whether their behavior is legal or illegal,» said Crotti.

NY Assembly Passes Bill to End Over-Prosecution of ‘Gravity Knives’ http://t.co/kwg4sqsPwH pic.twitter.com/8hDG5WD6AA

— The Village Voice (@villagevoice) June 11, 2015

The decision issued on the claim of one of the sushi chefs kitchen, Manhattan, who was arrested in 2013-m to year, when it the police found a folding knife. Under current law, the knife was tested using a test flick of the wrist. The officer tried to throw the blade with a flick of the wrist. The first time did not work, but after several attempts, it turned out that the knife admitted is prohibited.

Cook claims that this is his work knife, which he opens the boxes. Earlier, the legislators proposed to limit test, for example, two attempts. If a police officer two times I can’t get the blade in working position, to assume a knife is allowed. Judge Paul Crotti, however, said yesterday that the measure would not facilitate the citizens an understanding of what a knife in their hands, and whether they violate the law. They don’t know the skill level of the officer who is to check it out. «Test on the wrist is just absurd,» — said in the NY Post Martin Lapels of Companies legal aid. «It is absurd that the criminal responsibility of the citizen depends on the sports skills of individual officers.»

The attitude of the authorities of the state to the judge’s decision is still unknown. Press Secretary of the Manhattan district attorney, whose office actively supports the law, reported the NY Daily News that the decision is pending. In 2017, Governor Cuomo vetoed the bill, the purpose of which was the decriminalization of most gravity knives, explaining that concern for the safety of citizens.