In Texas, introduced a bill on the death penalty for abortion for mothers and doctors

«A human child from the moment of fertilization with the fusion of human sperm with human egg has the same rights, powers and privileges guaranteed by or granted in accordance with the laws of this state to any other human child», — stated in the preamble of the bill be on the legislators of Texas.

Submitted to the judicial Committee of the house the document proposes to repeal the existing exception from the criminal code on murder, which now applies to women and health workers for abortion. This will allow first to present all persons involved in the operation, charged with murder, which is punishable in Texas, including the death penalty. Secondly, this measure will give the opportunity to prosecute for abortions, even if Federal authorities will adopt laws and other decisions that allow abortion.

The bill has already been introduced in 2017, but did not reach the hearings. Now in the presence of a Republican majority in both chambers, the author of the law, Tony Tinderholt, hoping for success. However, he denies that «kriminalitaet» women: «the Project calls the law so that everyone who is guilty of or takes part in what I call a murder could be punished… it is Important to remember that if a drunk driver kills a pregnant woman, he pays double. If you kill a pregnant woman you are charged twice. So I don’t criminalising women. I call the law.»

Tony Tinderholt, the man behind the «Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act,» is the perfect Conservative Christian Republican.

So “pro-life” he wants to kill women who have abortions.

So “pro-family” he’s been married five times. #Hypocrites

— Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) April 10, 2019

According to local media, after the last attempt of the legislative anti-abortion, Tinderholt received many threats, including lethal that authorities have allocated for it security.

«How to properly expose a woman to the death penalty for that for sure… to do the same thing to her that, as claimed, it makes the child?» — expressed his indignation at the representative from the Dallas Democrat Victoria Neve.

In Texas, introduced a bill on the death penalty for abortion for mothers and doctors