In the US father and son accused of selling infected with hepatitis body parts on the black market

Father and son from Chicago was accused of years of waste fraud scheme, which consisted in the sale of organs with various diseases.

The case of the father and the son — Donald green Sr. and Donald green, Jr., is associated with the so-called broker of corpses, a former funeral Director Arthur Raternal of Grosse Pointe Park (mi). He Ratburn is serving a 9-year prison sentence after a jury found him guilty of selling diseased bodies to the clients. But Federal investigators convinced that he was not working alone.

Direct evidence collected during the trial of Ratburana, including severed heads, buds, limbs, and supporting documents brought the FBI to his «supplier» — Center of biological resources (Biological Resource Center) of Illinois, run by Donald green Sr. and his son.

Federal charges were filed against Donald Greene Sr. and Donald Green Jr. — a Chicago area father and son — for allegedly selling body parts on the black market from people who thought they were donating to science.

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In December 2013, the FBI searched the warehouse Ratburn in Detroit, where he kept the mutilated corpses. Over the next two years the intelligence agencies have raided and closed the centre of biological resources in Illinois and Arizona.

These companies earned on the sale of the remains of people who after his death donated their corpses to science. Although the practice of dismembering and sale of body parts is not illegal, U.S. attorney’s office in the Eastern district of Michigan said that the Central Bank deliberately refused to test results, which showed that the deceased person was infected with an infectious disease.

Among the documents seized by the FBI, was «the account of August 27, 2013 sent by email to the Detroit medical center.»

«Without the knowledge of DMC, the sample provided by the biological resource Center of Illinois, was obtained from the remains that have previously tested positive for hepatitis,» reads the indictment.

The document also refers to the fact that some parts of the body people with HIV, sepsis, and hepatitis were frozen, and then sold even for $100k

Greene Sr. faces up to 20 years in prison for fraud. His son was accused of intentional concealment of a crime. It can deprive of freedom for a period up to three years.