Attorney General Barr: immigrants who seek asylum, can’t make bail

The administration of Donald trump on Tuesday, April 15, has taken another important step to discourage migrants from seeking asylum: the attorney General William Barr ordered the arrest of thousands of people indefinitely.

Foreigners seeking asylum and who have a real fear of return to their country will no longer be able to ask the judge to release them on bail. The attorney General has the right to cancel the previous ruling of the immigration courts, which are administered by the Ministry of justice.

Order Barr was an attempt to fulfill the promise of the President of trump to stop the «catch and release» of migrants crossing the border in hopes of escaping persecution in their home countries. As a rule, people who cross the checkpoints, have the right to ask the judge to grant them bail to go free. And in accordance with the new regulation they will have to wait for their case to conclusion.

Advocates for immigrant rights said that it could undermine the basic rights of the people coming to the United States in search of safety.

«It will be many, many people who will not even be able to apply for exemption,» said Gregory Chen, Director of communications for the American bar Association on immigration cases.

The decision does not affect family seeking asylum because they usually do not contain more than 20 days. It also does not apply to minors who came to the country without parents.

The Barr decision shall enter into force after 90 days. In the past financial year, there were a total of 161 thousand applications for asylum, and in the first quarter of 2019 46 thousand