The Bundestag approved same-sex marriage

The Bundestag approved same-sex marriage

This morning the Bundestag approved the bill to legalize same-sex marriage — said Of 623 MPs voted for, 393, 226 voted against, 4 abstained.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel voted against the adoption of this law.

The Bundestag approved same-sex marriage

His position, she argued in the following way: I constitutional marriage is, first and foremost, marriage is between a man and a woman. That’s why I voted against it.

While Merkel has emphasized that supports the adoption of children by same-sex couples. Before the vote, I did a brief debate lasts 40 minutes.

The discussion took place in a strict business and right as long as Johannes Kars (SPD) not made an angry accusation against Merkel is that she 2005 supports discrimination against same-sex relations. The leaders of the Green party and the Left also called for the approval of same-sex marriage. What do the Germans think about the legalization of gay marriage?

The majority of Germans support the law: 74.7 percent surveyed earlier, were in favor of allowing same-sex marriage, and 19.8 – against. Before the adoption could legalize same-sex partnerships, but it was not considered marriage. The main difference of which was the impossibility of adoption. The fact that the law is approved, does not mean that he will immediately take effect. For starters, it must be signed by the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. However, members of the coalition of the CDU/CSU are already engaged in finding legal reasons for repealing the law.