New York has banned ICE arrests immigrants in the courthouse without a court order

The office of court administration of the state of new York has released an updated the rules under which immigration and customs enforcement will no longer be permitted to arrest people in buildings in the state courts without a court order or warrant. (Previously the arrests were carried out and orders ICE).

The document signed by head of Department Michael Magliano, adopted a week after the new 80-page report thoroughly described the actions of Federal authorities, immigration officers making arrests in the courthouse and next to them.

Chief administrative judge Lawrence marks, commented on this decision new York Low Journal:

«We came to the conclusion that this report provides us with sufficient basis to take the step that many asked us to do. Should request that ICE was represented by a judge for a warrant before making an arrest in the state court. Although we do not know that any other judicial system in the country has taken this step, but this comprehensive, well-documented report has convinced us that this change in policy is now appropriate and justified.»

«This rule change is a big win for thousands of immigrants and their families throughout the state of new York, which will no longer be afraid to be in the courtroom, told AM NY Terry Lawson, Director of the Division of family and immigration legal services in the Bronx. — We welcome the decision of the administration court for such a historic step and hope that other judicial systems of the States will follow this example.»

It should be noted that the Directive prohibits ICE arrests without warrants only in the courthouse but does not affect the area adjacent to such buildings that actively produces the detention of immigrants.