Immigrants from the States legalized marijuana, can be denied US citizenship

Service citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) issued guidance, which clearly indicates that the work in the marijuana industry, or even the possession of cannabis can be grounds for rejection of the application for citizenship — even if it is filed in a state where marijuana is legal.

19 APR USCIS on its official website issued a document, according to which its employees will be considered violations of the Federal controlled substances act, including violations related to marijuana, as an obstacle «to establishing good moral character for naturalization, even if such conduct does not violate the laws of the state».

Immigrants from the States legalized marijuana, can be denied US citizenshipshutterstock/Lifestyle discover

As written in the manual, «an applicant who participates in certain actions related to marijuana may not be of good moral character, if it is determined that he violated Federal law, even if such activity was decriminalized in accordance with the applicable laws of the state.»

In a more detailed articulation of the rule is also marked for persons applying for citizenship, living in the States legalized marijuana, «Please note that even if the applicant has no criminal record or a valid admission to a crime associated with marijuana, he or she may not be able to carry the burden of proof to prove that he or she did not commit such a crime… depending on the specific circumstances of these actions, regardless of whether they are installed or condemnation or recognition of the applicant, may prevent the establishment of the GMC for the applicant». Commenters on Reddit now discuss whether this can be a universal cause for refusal of naturalization of all residents of States that permit cannabis treatment.

Interestingly, the Department has made this publication the day before April 20, when the drug lovers celebrate their holiday (420) and dedicate an evening to a joint, marijuana with friends and discussing state policy towards soft drugs.