A nursing home, where he killed an elderly man, is suing his family for non-payment of bills

Nursing home on long island, which recognized its responsibility for the death of the man in the wheelchair, is now suing his family over an unpaid bill.

82-year-old Salvatore, Niosi passed away on December 13, 2013 at Woodhaven Center of Care. The man gasped after a nurse forgot to put the dentures in and fed a sandwich.

«Choke, even for a short period of time, it’s a horrible death,» said family lawyer Clifford Argintar.

According to human rights activist, Niosi was in the institution for six years after several strokes, which he could not move and speak and even to swallow normally.

Despite the fact that the medical record of the patient, it was stated that it can feed only pureed food, 13 Dec 2013 Woodhaven Care the nurse gave him a sandwich. She not only read medcard, but not even put his dentures. According to relatives, he was out of breath three minutes.

The autopsy report clearly indicated that the cause of death, Niosi was asphyxiation from «food material in the respiratory tract».

A nursing home, where he killed an elderly man, is suing his family for non-payment of bills82-year-old Salvatore, Niosi.

After the death of Niosi his daughter, Sylvia Teixeira, filed a lawsuit, accusing the nursing home in the death of his father due to illegal actions. In the end, the jury awarded the family of the patient $1 million

However, the story is not over: the nursing home filed a counterclaim against the family, claiming that they owe money on an outstanding account, Niosi due to alleged technical errors associated with its application to receive Medicaid.

Michael Regan, a lawyer who works to protect the property of the victim, told the Post that «his attitude is that the nursing home should not receive any financial gain from the murder.»