The FBI arrested the leader of the border, the radical group that planned to kill Obama and Clinton

The leader of the extreme right group United Constitutional Patriots (UCP), who was arrested in new Mexico, said that they were going to deal with well-known Democrats because of their «support Antifa».

According to the FBI, 69-year-old Larry Mitchell Hopkins was detained in the border town of new Mexico Sunland Park. It happened after police received an anonymous message about «alleged extremist activities of the group.»

During a search of his home in October 2017, the FBI found 10 guns, which, as argued by Hopkins, belonged to his wife faye Sanders Murphy. He also said that his bedroom has two weapons — a shotgun and a pistol, and one pistol in the kitchen.

The FBI arrested the leader of the border, the radical group that planned to kill Obama and ClintonLarry Hopkins

«Information was received that the group has its own «base» in the house of Hopkins, which included about 20 members, armed with rifles AK-47 and other firearms,» reads the affidavit.

On Saturday, April 20, he was charged with illegal possession of weapons and ammunition. Note that this is the third time the UCP leader was arrested on a similar case. In 1996, Hopkins was convicted in Michigan for possession of a loaded firearm. In 2006, in Oregon, he was convicted of a criminal offence related to the possession of firearms, and that he was impersonating a police officer.

According to the warrant for the arrest of Hopkins, witnesses reported that members of the UCP is preparing to «kill» the liberal billionaire George Soros, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

Here is what is currently known about the group, based on official data, the messages in social networks and local media:

  • The group has a growing number of followers in Facebook, but on the border there is a small number of its representatives;
  • They utverjdayut that will remain in place until you built the border wall, President of trump;
  • UCP has attracted wide attention of public and authorities last week after publishing the video with migrants, whom they kept in captivity;
  • The American Union of civil liberties (ACLU) has accused UCP of kidnapping. A spokesman for the group said that they only «make arrest».

At the moment Hopkins faces three years probation and a fine of $250 thousand Previously, the group collected a donation through GOFUNDME, but, according to information on the UCP page on Facebook, the service refused to help them.