New York plans to stop production of processed meat and halve the consumption of beef

The authorities in new York in the framework of the «New green deal» (Green New Deal) want to stop the production of processed meat and halve the amount consumed by the citizens of beef. They hope that such action can stop or at least slow global warming.

Bill de Blasio yesterday announced plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by ending the procurement of processed meat (bacon, sausages, etc.) and reducing purchases of beef by 50%.

Green New Deal plan to fight climate change on all fronts. Plan «OneNYC 2050» will ensure compliance with new York Paris agreement, despite the politics of the country.

«Every day waiting is a day when our planet is approaching the point of no return, said mayor bill de Blasio. There is no time to wait. We are taking action now, before it’s too late.»

New York City, you outdid yourself on Earth Day 2019. Phasing out meat = BRILLIANT IDEA! #GreenNewDeal #OneNYC2050 >>

— VegNews Magazine (@VegNews) April 23, 2019

Among other initiatives to change the current environmental situation sound proposal to increase clean energy sources such as Canadian hydro plant modernization of old large buildings to reduce emissions, mandatory recycling of organic waste and phasing out unnecessary purchases of disposable plastic tableware.

«I am particularly excited by the fact that the city decided to reduce the excessive consumption of us meat due to the gradual abandonment of the procurement of processed meat and reducing purchases of beef,» said the Brooklyn borough President Eric Adams, who is not the first year is a committed vegan.

More and more scientific data indicate that meat is one of the largest factors contributing to climate change. Cattle emit methane, a greenhouse gas that is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide.

«In new York you will not find people who deny climate change, because we have suffered from hurricane sandy. We also believe the assessments that we only have 12 years to fix it. Let’s be clear, by 2030 we need something to radically change, otherwise our life will never be the same,» added de Blasio, emphasizing the importance of a plan OneNYC2050.

New York plans to stop production of processed meat and halve the consumption of beefBeef steak with vegetables

Besides, experts of the world health organization (who) and International Agency for research on cancer (International Agency for Research on Cancer) concluded that consuming processed meat increases risk of colon cancer. If you daily eat about 50 grams of bacon or sausage, then the risk of cancer increases to 18%.

In this case, the meat itself is not harmful to health. The body harmful chemicals used for meat processing (dehydrating, pickling, etc.). The who has assigned processed meat, the highest category of Carcinogenicityby putting the sausages on a par with cigarette smoke, alcohol, and arsenic.

Not less fortunate and red meat. According to a recent study that daily consumption of red meat even in small quantities also increases the likelihood of bowel cancer, but at 15%.

Initiative Green New Deal needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in new York city 30% by 2030.