«The most wicked criminals in Texas history»: the condemned couple, who filmed a candid video with dozens of young children

A couple of Killina (state of Texas) was sentenced to 60 years imprisonment each for the production of child pornography. The couple filmed a candid video featuring himself and at least 25 children, the youngest of whom was.

Depraved Texas couple, both 27, jailed 60 years each for sexually abusing and filming at least 25 children, one just 8 months, they met at church and babysat Sarah and Christopher Almaguer were described as ‘The most wicked… https://t.co/l0Exg2aO13 pic.twitter.com/Wr8sjXyzS7

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27-year-old Sarah Rachel Almaguer and her husband, Christopher Almaguer pleaded guilty in October last year after authorities found they were sent in Facebook candid video with participation of children.

«For my career as a state’s attorney it was the most important investigation,» said the Texas attorney John bash, adding that Almieri — «the most wicked criminals in Texas history».

US secret service launched an investigation regarding the pair in February 2018, after the national center for missing and exploited children contacted the office of the attorney General of the state of Texas.

According to court documents, the Centre has asked the company Facebook and reported child pornography in the social network. Investigators traced the pornographic videos sent to profile Sarah Almaguer.

During searches of computers and phones for a couple, it became clear that the video was shot in about 25 children ranging in age from 8 months to 14 years.

It’s hard to believe, but the couple have five of their children. According to prosecutors, the abuse happened in the video above the children of relatives over the kids, which Sarah and Christopher nursed, and also knew from Church.

«It is incredible story,’ said bash. They also did the video of torture of children.»

Authorities do not yet know how many people Halmahera sent pornographic videos and how many people looked at them.

«It’s terrible that the suffering of these children will last a lifetime, because these videos will be continuously communicated to the Internet», — said the Prosecutor.