16-year-old girl raped and kept in a cage for dogs, but her captor is not going to be in prison

Michael Wesolowski — 33-the summer inhabitant of Georgia, who kept a teenage girl in sexual captivity for over a year, was released, despite the recognition of guilt.

16-year-old girl raped and kept in a cage for dogs, but her captor is not going to be in prisonHaley Burns

Wesolowski was arrested in June 2017 after FBI agents and local investigators found 17-year-old Haley burns, who had been missing for over a year. The girl was exhausted, she had ringworm and nablyudali back problems, because she repeatedly drove to the cage for dogs.

According to The Washington Post, they first met on an online forum anorexia when Haley was 15 years old. Wesolowski persuaded the girl to move in with him, convincing that she was unhappy in her home in North Carolina.

According to assistant district attorney GWINNETT Michael De Tarde first girl consented to BDSM, but over time Wesolowski began to violate their established boundaries. He refused to use «stop words», he stopped intercourse when he wanted to and beat her for the sake of coercion.

Haley couldn’t leave because the man installed a gate from floor to ceiling and told her that she would be arrested if they try to leave the house.

During the hearing on the plea Wesolowski told the judge GWINNETT Timothy Hamilithat, in his opinion, he «helped» the teenager to run away from home, where she was bad.

«I don’t see even the most distorted definition of what you have done in aid, — said Jamil. — I do not see you have no remorse».

After the arrest Wesolowski was charged with rape and sodomy aggravated, but last week those charges were dropped as part of the transaction about recognition of fault. According to De Tardo, it would have been difficult to prove because of Wesolowski and girls began by mutual consent.

HAPPENING NOW: 31 y/o Michael Wysolovski makes first court appearance since being arrested for allegedly holding the teen captive for a year pic.twitter.com/DDkX3kSyjU

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The Prosecutor also noted that, since the victim was 16 years old when she moved to Wesolowski, it could not be accused of child molestation. According to the legislation of Georgia, it was an acceptable age to consent to sexual relations.

Under the deal, a plea Wesolowski will not go to jail but must register as a sex offender and to avoid contact with minors.

Haley told the judge that after the liberation she was diagnosed with multiple serious mental health problems.

«The moment when I left home, my life was destroyed, — the girl admitted. — He did unimaginable things and irreparably broke my spirit and feeling».

After the rescue, she tried three times to commit suicide.

«I have mutilated myself, hoping that I would be unattractive, so that no one will cause me a pain again, said Haley at the hearing. — I permanently disfigured».