The court in Kansas has postponed until June 6 sentencing Bogdan Osipova/Mobley

Wichita (KS), the court deferred to the June 6 sentencing a citizen of Russia Bogdan Alexandrovna Osipova, recognized guilty in the kidnapping and extortion. In court, she goes under the name of the former husband Brian Mobley. After the divorce, she took the daughter in Russia, and also demanded from her father — ex-husband — the money for meeting with the child.

The delay adopted by the court at the request of lawyers condemned, they promised to present the facts, mitigating her guilt.

The court in Kansas has postponed until June 6 sentencing Bogdan Osipova/Mobley

Process 38-year-old Osipova/Mobley described previously The court came to the conclusion that she had gone from Kansas in 2014, with one child from my first husband and one child from Brian Mobley. In Russia, she gave birth to her third child (also from Mobley). The children are in Russia, in Kaliningrad, in the care of parents Bogdana.

In September 2017 Osipova arrived in Kansas to decide the issue of custody of children, but was arrested by FBI agents. The U.S. government and Brian Mobley offered Osipova’s the deal — a pardon in exchange for the return of the children to Kansas. However, the Russian court in Kaliningrad has decided her daughters (Sophia and Isabella) to stay in Russia.

Russian authorities have accused the U.S. of violence against Osipova and inadequate conditions of detention. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the situation a «legal outrage» and demanded that the United States «to return the children to mother.»

On March 6 the court in Wichita found her guilty of international child abduction, and extortion (the husband submitted in the court reports from Osipova in Skype, where she raised the possibility of a meeting of the father with the daughters dependent on his financial help.