New plan for trump almost completely stop chain migration, and will increase the education requirements for immigrants

Tomorrow the President trump plans to publish the plan for the reform of the us immigration system, including new security measures on the border and increased demands on the education and skills of immigrants.

In addition, according to the White house, the administration is going to almost completely dismantle the system of «chain» migration, decades of allowing foreigners to move to the US together with spouses and children. Instead, having required the United States skills and applying for a job in the country for displaced persons will offer «new opportunities» — provided that they speak the language at the required level, have the appropriate education and successfully cope with the tests.

Today, about 12% of immigrants enter the United States due to the so-called «system of merit», while more than half receive the right to enter due to his family. If the offer trump gets the green light, almost 60% of the visas will accrue to the settlers, States your skills.

The President will give you the details designed by his son-in-law Jared Kushner plan on Thursday, may 16, during a ceremony at the Rose Garden. Nevertheless, it emphasizes the administration of the tramp, the proposal still far from becoming a reality and is «only a first step in this direction.»