71% of young Americans are not eligible to join the army because of obesity and convictions

The numbers are staggering: according to the Pentagon report, 71% of Americans aged 17-24 years were not suitable for military service. The main reasons cited are obesity, lack of high school diploma or a criminal record.

According to rear Admiral retired Thomas Wilson, this issue concerns not only the military sphere, but also business in General. His position, he explains that many of these young people do not have the right to many jobs.

Steve Doster, Director of Military Readiness for Council for a Strong America in the state of Pennsylvania, agree that such problem exists.

«This is a real risk to our national security,» — said Doster.

Wilson and Duster along with many retired military, law enforcement representatives, officials and athletes engaged in early childhood education. They promote the General idea: Americans need training early in his life, then to become productive members of society.

Doster believes that the big fault in this situation lies in the insufficient investment in education in early childhood.

«The school (district) may lack the capacity and resources», — said Doster.

71% of young Americans are not eligible to join the army because of obesity and convictions71% of young people can’t go to the army because of obesity and convictions

In Pennsylvania, large gaps in spending between school districts: for example, the reading town spends about $7 million on education a year, while the Top of Merion school district spends about $26 500 per pupil. According to Doster in the whole state, the gap is about 30%. Nationally, the situation is better: the gap is about 15%.