In the United States sentenced to death singing hymns when he was injected with a lethal injection

In Tennessee man sentenced to death for the murder of his wife in 1984, prayed and sang Christian hymns when he was executed on Thursday, may 16.

68-year-old don Johnson was executed via lethal injection in a maximum security prison in Nashville for strangulation in 1984 his wife, Connie Johnson.

The last words of don Johnson was a long prayer, which in some places repeated the words of Jesus during the crucifixion. The man asked for forgiveness for those who had participated in executions, saying: «They know not what they do».
After the blood began to do deadly drugs, Johnson asked if he could sing. With the permission of the warden, he sang religious hymns: «They’ll know we are Christians» and «soon and very Soon». His voice broke in the middle of the second song.

«No more dying there:» Death row inmate sang hymns before execution

— Minutes Before Six (@minbefore6) May 17, 2019

Shortly thereafter, Johnson began to make sounds, which some witnesses described as «scrapy», while others said they were more like «gurgling and choking». Johnson was declared dead at 19:37. After the execution of one of his attorneys, Kelley Henry, said, according to her, the sounds of Johnson, was a sign that he could feel a terrible pain three drugs for executions.

Previously, the courts of the state rejected the claims regarding lethal injection on the basis of midazolam in Tennessee.

Before don Johnson, two prisoners chose the penalty on the electric chair, saying it is less painful death than the lethal injection. Three more executions scheduled for later this year in Tennessee.

After the execution, the press Secretary of the Department of corrections of the state of Neysa Taylor read a statement from sister of the murdered Connie Johnson, Margaret Davis.

«Death Connie was inhuman and cruel, and don Johnson was rightfully sentenced to death. But for 34 years he spent on death row, suggests that the criminal justice system needs to be reassessed».

Previously, Johnson had appealed to the Governor asking for clemency on the basis of his «religious conversion in prison and Christian service to other prisoners.» Letters of support were sent and the President of the world Church of seventh-day Adventists, which belonged to Johnson. Daughter Connie Johnson, Cynthia Vaughn, said that he forgave the man and joined the request for clemency.

But on Tuesday, Governor bill Lee announced that there will be mercy Johnson.