A resident of Arizona, filed a lawsuit against the company that sold all her belongings while she was in a coma

Stephanie Sorbi from Phoenix literally nothing left — after the contents of the vault, which she took, by mistake sold.

The woman decided to rent the room in July last year when she started having health problems. Sorbi husband suffered from dementia and was not able to take care of the property, so that she and her grandmother took up the search for a safe place where you can keep things under lock and key.

The choice fell on the vault, U-Haul at 67thAvenue and Bell Road, in Glendale. First, the employee sent a grandmother of Stephanie to the container 1209, but he was already busy, and told her to use a room 1217.

«[In the store] had so many memories. says Sorbi — Things left by my mother, gifts that my husband and I make each other over the years, pictures, all my photos».

The next six months were difficult for her: the woman spent two months in a coma and four, restoring health. All this time, according to Stephanie, her grandmother regularly paid the rent and did not receive from the company any notification.

However, when Sorbi is back in the container was nothing. As it turned out, its contents sold.

A woman suspects that the reason the employee of U-Haul, and has not indicated in his records that she rents 1217 container and not 1209.

A resident of Arizona, filed a lawsuit against the company that sold all her belongings while she was in a comaStephanie Sorbi. photo: GoFundMe

The only consolation were a few things left in the back: an angel figure, which the husband gave to the woman in first Christmas together, and some pictures — the only thing left of him.

«Because of dementia, explains Sorbi — it even now I won’t know».

According to Stephanie, the total cost of irrecoverably lost of the property is about $12 000. However, what’s missing family pictures and memorabilia, upset her a lot more. Besides — she adds — because of the stress my health again deteriorated.

Sorbi back about $460, which she paid the rent, but with things the situation is much more complicated. Hoping to call U-Haul and get a refund Stephanie with her lawyer, Ronald roaches, filed a lawsuit.

«We still don’t know exactly what happened. says roach — We do not know when the property was sold and who bought it, so can’t do anything to return. We don’t even have a complete list of everything that was in storage because we did not provide. <…> Imagine her having to go inside, expecting to see your stuff, and discover only emptiness. Imagine the pain she felt. I hope U-Haul will think about it and will take care of that like nobody else happened.»