In North Carolina between the city authorities and businessman sparked a conflict over a giant American flag

In early may, the Prosecutor of the city of Statesville (NC) Leah Messick filed in the court on the company owned by well-known businessman Marcus Lemonis because she violated a local Ordinance and established a store near his American flag, the dimensions of which exceed the allowable city standards. Lemonis commented on the lawsuit, saying he was ready to be arrested and jailed, but the flag will not be lowered.

In June 2018 company Gander RV, sell travel trailers (caravans), filed in the planning Department of the city of Statesville application for the installation of the American flag 40х25 feet, said in a statement published on the website of the city. The application was approved, but when after 2 months the flag was raised, it became clear that the company set the banner size 40×80 feet, which is prohibited by the city standards.

The city said has repeatedly asked Gander RV to correct the violation, setting the flag size. The company did not respond to requests, so in October 2018, the city government informed the violator that to replace the flag on the company will be imposed a fine of $50 per day. And as of may 18, they have already ran up more than $10 thousand.

In the Twitter Marcus Lemonis wrote, referring to the authorities of Statesville, that claim they have received «it [the American flag] would not be lowered».

Hey @cityofsvl we have received your lawsuit regarding our #usflag #AmericanFlag. It will not come down.

— Marcus Lemonis (@marcuslemonis) May 18, 2019

Lemonis said in an interview that even if the judge granted the petition of the city and he will take a decision to remove the flag, he will go against it, thus showing contempt of court.

«I would never want to break the law or be disrespectful to any court, but in this specific situation, I understand that if I do not carry out the ban, I could be arrested and imprisoned as long as the flag will not be lowered», he said.

Camping World is the parent company Gander RV. Marcus Lemonis owns 36 million shares of Camping World. He is willing to pay for legal fines, if required by the Board of Directors and the company, but said that «in this particular case, I think the Board of Directors and the company would like to pay the fine themselves, because they believe that it is the position of our company, not just a marketing ploy.»

Lemonis said that similar flags of the same dimensions as controversial in Statesville, waving in over 180 American cities, and are «part of the DNA of the company.»

The company has received support from more than 200 thousand people who signed a petition on

Camping World 18 may posted on Facebook, with an appeal to sign the petition and stated that «this is more than just a flag. We are talking about our veterans, the military, and the men and women who sacrificed their lives for this great country. They — the reason we raise the flag, and they are the reason we won’T take it off!»

The City of Statesville, North Carolina has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to require Gander RV in Statesville,…

Posted by Camping World on Saturday, May 18, 2019

«The flag will not be lowered. It’s the only thing I know for sure. I know that they will die. I know I have to pay taxes. And I know that will not remove the flag,» says Lemonis. «As I said… it will not be lowered under any circumstances».