Her ex-husband killed their five children. The woman asks the jury not to sentence him to death

Ex-wife of a man who was convicted of the murder of their five children, the court asked the jury not to sentence him to the death penalty.

Amber Kyzer, Mom of Five Young Children Killed by Their Father, Stuns Courtroom by Asking Jury to Spare Him of the Death Penalty https://t.co/oOsph7lGJQ pic.twitter.com/1yYmPtGVIC

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Amber Kaiser was married to Timothy Jones, Jr. for eight years and lived in the County of Lexington (state of SC) until 2012. In that year, a couple with five children, divorced.

After the divorce she was left without a job and a car and found it would be best if the main carer of the children is her ex-husband.

«I had nothing to offer her children, I could not provide for them — she said channel WIS, an affiliate of CNN. — As a mother, I made the best decision that I could. I trusted my husband. He promised to take care of our children.»

28 Aug 2014 she called the children, as she did every day, but heard yelling in the background. Then Timothy turned off the phone and subsequently did not respond to numerous calls.

Later, amber found out that he murdered their five children: 8-year-old As 7-year-old Elias, 6-year-old Nahtan, 2 year old Gabriel and one year old Abigail.

Jones pleaded not guilty by reason of alleged insanity. According to him, he heard a demonic voice that told him to strangle children.

After three weeks of testimony, June 4 this year, a jury found the man guilty on all counts. Prosecutors seek the death penalty, the jury will determine the punishment.

At the hearings appeared and amber Keyser.

«I’m not here for myself. The mother in me wants him to feel everything that I feel was felt by my children. Nothing will justify what he did, ‘ said amber. But from the beginning I stated: I firmly believe in the impermissibility of the death penalty».

According to the woman, she doesn’t want her family husband felt the pain of losing a son as she felt.

«If I could personally tear off his head, I would have done it,’ said amber Kaiser. – This tells me a Mama bear. But I don’t want his family to feel what I experienced».

In addition to amber, grandmother Jones, and his father also asked the jury not to sentence the accused to death.