The woman stumbled over the sign «wet floor» at the casino will receive $3 million in compensation

A woman who tripped and fell due to lying on the floor sign «wet floor» at the casino will receive $3 million in compensation. This decision was made this week, the members of the jury.

Linda Sadowski, a resident of Ohio, tripped over a fallen sign on the floor, and damaged in the fall, patella in September 2016.

Her lawyer, Matt Nakajima said that the sign was knocked to the floor by other visitors, however, the employee of casino Jack Casino walked around it instead of only lift for a few moments before tripped Sadowsky, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Nakajima explained the newspaper that at the knee Sadowsky was a metal plate, and the fall greatly affected her mobility, as she developed arthritis. Now she might need a second knee surgery.

«Casino have not entered any security measures to check the floor or prevent possible falls. In addition, they criticized the behavior of the employee which has not up lying on the floor sign, even though their internal documents they admit her guilt,» — said the lawyer of the injured woman. «Cruel disregard for the safety of visitors from the casino was evident during the entire trial.»

The lawyer representing the casino, said that the sign «wet floor» remained perfectly visible that Sadowski didn’t see the sign, «was only due to the fact that she didn’t pay attention to what is happening around her.»

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However, the jury disagreed and decided that Jack Casino is not concerned about the safety Sadowsky, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

In the complaint the victim says she was traumatized body that will remain forever. In addition, the decline led to the fact that she lost the opportunity «to enjoy their good health».