Migrant children detained in Arizona, claim that they sexually harassed the American border guards

Children-illegals have complained about U.S. border guards, claiming that they were victims of sexual harassment and abuse.

Curators from the Ministry of health and social services has collected dozens of messages from children who are in detention in Yuma (AZ). Some of the complaints received and issued a news service to NBC News.

According to media reports, 15-year-old girl from Honduras told how large bearded officer put his hands into her bra, pulled down her underwear and groping her in front of his colleagues. According to the teenager, «she felt embarrassed as the officer spoke English and the other officers, and laughing» during the entire process.

A 16-year-old boy from Guatemala said that when he and others in his cell complained about the taste of food and water, the agents forced them to sleep on the concrete.

Another kid admitted that he was so frightened that for 10 days, wore the same dirty underwear. Also among the complaints was the rejection phone call, starvation and lack of place to sleep.

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Children who reported to the leading cases were at the border station for longer than the 72 hours permitted by law.

The President of the United States Donald trump spoke out against reports of poor conditions for children, and Kevin Macalino, the acting Secretary of the Department of homeland security (DHS), which oversees customs and border protection (CBP), said that the information is «unfounded.»