The U.S. government has warned that it will come with a RAID on a 4-day party that offers an unlimited sex with 100 women

The U.S. government has warned that it will come with a RAID on a four-day «party» called «Sex island»on which offer unlimited sex with 100 women, alcohol and drugs.

Previous «Orgy» took place on an island off the coast of Venezuela, but this year the «Sex island» will be held in an unknown resort in Nevada is the only U.S. state where prostitution is legalized.

According to the Daily Mail, 30 people, including 13 Britons who bought tickets to the party. The ticket price to $6 thousand.

The organizers — The Good Girls Company said that guests will select two «beautiful women from 100 each day, with the ability to change them at any time.» The festival also includes ATVs and horseback riding Topless and «sexy helicopter tour».

But last week, the organizer received a warning from the office of the U.S. drug enforcement (DEA). It says that officers make a RAID on this event, stop it and deport tourists, if the drug laws are violated.

At previous festivals, the organizers have openly claimed that they are «friendly drug» and the campers were told that the event was free access to cocaine and LSD.

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In a letter to the DEA also warned about severe punishment if the event will be that some of the «prostitutes» under 18 years of age.

«The government is clearly nervous about what Sex Island first came to the US, but they know they can’t stop us in Nevada. We assured our guests that they do not need to worry. Everything is correct,» — said the representative of The Good Girls Company.

«The helicopter will take guests from the international airport of Las Vegas at our discreet location in Nevada. Enjoy the company of the 100 beautiful girls in a friendly environment with alcohol and marijuana,» reads the official website.

Last year’s event was to be held on the island off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago, but the Minister of national security have banned it. In the end, «celebration» took place off the coast of Venezuela.