From bonagratia directly into the hands of drivers fell $175000. The police want to get them back

Drivers travelling behind that armored truck on Tuesday, were lucky when it on the roadway began to pour in money.

The door of the armored truck opened, the car was traveling on Interstate 285 North of Atlanta, Georgia and the money was scattered across the track. While the truck was blowing money, the driver stopped to collect the «catch».

The company that owns the truck, calculated that gave the drivers $175 thousand, said the police Department Dunwoody. Police responded to a call stating that more than 15 cars stopped on the track and pick up the bills that fell out of a truck at 20:00.

In his statement, the police said: «Officers were traveling in an armored truck, told me that they opened a side door, and the money spilled on 285. The officers and employees transporting money, gathered several hundred dollars that was still in place upon arrival of officers, but many took».

It was like a scene from a movie, said Randall Lewis from Uber Eats. Lewis first realised his car the leaves are turning, he told CNN. «It took me a minute to realize that it was not leaves. It was money – all over the road. It was a feeling that it’s some kind of movie or video game, and not what you see in real life.» Despite a script that, as it may seem, could lead to chaos on the road, it was pretty quiet, because the cars just slowed down and people were leaving them to pick up the money, said Lewis.

He left with more than $2,000, but as he told CNN, not spent it. «I waited until this morning to see if the message about the incident, and saw the news,» added Lewis said that he gave the money to the police. «I wanted to do the right thing and make sure that you are not doing anything illegal,» he said.

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People posted video of how the money circling in the air, now taken as proof. The police are checking the video to social networks to find drivers which have appropriated the cash.

«We have a lot of videos from social networks, many of which have a number of machines, but we want the people themselves have handed over the money and lived their lives without worrying that they will come the police,» said Sergeant Robert Parsons, a police spokesman Dunwoody.

Six people at the time environment already came and returned $4400 in cash, he added. «If the money will be returned, we won’t prosecute those who do the right thing». As for those who picked up the money and left to themselves, the charges can include theft of lost property, and depending on amount can be classified as serious or minor crime.