The coast guard has shared a performance video assault on narkomany with 17,000 pounds of cocaine on Board

The coast guard on Thursday shared the shot, demonstrating how the armed forces intercepted the fast-moving narcocorrido, which was more than 17 pounds of cocaine.

The intercept, a video of which was provided to the coast guard on July 11, occurred on June 18 in the Pacific ocean. In minute video, a member of the coast guard shouting to the people on the semi-submersible boat is half under water and partly above it, with the requirement to stop. Then the coastguards jumped on the semi-submersible ship, finally forcing the smugglers to open the hatch and appear from the outside.

In the last 4 years there is an increase in use by the cartels of Central and South America such boats, told CNN the Lieutenant-commander Stephen Brickly. Interestingly, they are quite rare. They are quite expensive to build and the cartels are forced to produce them in the jungle that a vessel is not found. But when they are filled with drugs and fall into the water, said Brickle, they are almost impossible to detect without prior intelligence or surveillance from the air.

«The ship is under water, because it is difficult to see. They are painted blue and merge with the water.»

This incredible video shows the moment when the U.S. Coast Guard capture a speeding submarine that was smuggling a payload of 16,000 pounds of cocaine through international waters.

This scene really wouldn’t be out of place in an action movie.

— Matt Capon (@MattLCapon) July 11, 2019

Even if the coast guard manages to spot a ship, we must act quickly. Every ship can go under water and within a few minutes to destroy the evidence. Moreover, the smugglers know that the coastguard would not allow them to drown. On the other hand criminals may be armed.

Since it is very difficult, the coast guard stops only 11% of the ships that cross the area equal to all the States. And the coast guard patrols the area with the equivalent of 2 police cars. In addition, 70% of the boats of the armed forces for more than 50 years, that is, they are slow and they need constant repairs so they could move. «They are not effective enough to combat the new threat»,- summed up Brickly.

During the incident, captured on video, the coast guard found the ship from the sky. Then they took 2 small boats to sneak up on smugglers and they succeeded.

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On Board were 5 people who were referred to the Office for the fight against drugs.

It was the first time the coast guard used a new type of boat, and Brickle explained that this is a great example of what they can do.

«Such characteristics of these boats is what will bring us success in the future,» he said.