Deputy Sheriff 2 years planted drugs on innocent drivers who were stopped on the road

Ex-Deputy Sheriff, was arrested in Florida this week after a year-long investigation established that he planted drugs, at least 10 innocent people by stopping their cars on the track.

Until last fall, 26-year-old Zachary Wester, worked as a Deputy Sheriff of Jackson County, West of Tallahassee.

Deputy Sheriff 2 years planted drugs on innocent drivers who were stopped on the roadPhoto: WAKULLA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

He was detained on Wednesday, July 10, in Crawfordville 52 counts of criminal offences, including:

  • extortion,
  • professional misconduct,
  • the fabrication of evidence,
  • perjury;
  • possession of controlled substances and drugs;
  • imprisonment on false charges, and so on.

According to the Department of law of the state (FDLE) that year conducted the investigation, Wester came to the Department in 2016, and dismissed from the post was last fall.

«There is no doubt that crimes Westera was intentional and that his actions led to jail innocent people,» said Chris Williams, assistant special agent FDLE.

The investigation, during which authorities analyzed more than 1,300 minutes of video recording showed that Wester often detained citizens for minor traffic violations. During the subsequent search of their car he was planted drugs and arrested the drivers on trumped up charges.

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According to investigators, one victim of the machinations of a Sheriff’s Deputy lost custody of her daughter because of the criminal case, others are also injured, receiving prison terms. The investigation prompted prosecutors to drop the charges almost 120 cases from 2016 to 2018.

Zachary Wester is imprisoned without the right of bail.